“Chainsaws are for cutting firewood”

Quality, post frame agricultural buildings

Quality takes no shortcuts!

If you have watched a pole building go up, you probably have seen a chainsaw as the tool of choice…and why not?  It all gets covered up anyway right?  Well, at Blue Spruce Builders we can’t seem to break the habit of good craftsmanship, even on just a pole building.  That’s because for us it is not “just a pole building”… it’s YOUR building.  Maybe your hobby shop where you plan on building those family heirlooms. Or your equipment shed where the combine sitting inside is worth a lot more than the building.

[pullquote]“From now on, if I have ANYTHING I want built, I am calling you guys”![/pullquote]We figure if we take that kind of pride in building your shop or your riding arena, you might do what Floyd did and ask if there was any way we would consider remodeling your kitchen.  Or what Ken did and ask us to rebuild your deck, design and build a timber frame pergola by the pool, build hundreds of feet of cedar fence and finally say, “From now on, if I have ANYTHING I want built, I am calling you guys”!

A different kind of construction experience…

At Blue Spruce Builders, we are no strangers to the agriculture way of life. Rich and his wife Nicole live on a farm, raising a few grass-fed beef and making a little hay on the side. So when a farmer client calls and needs a barn rebuilt before his hay comes off or a building added onto to store some wheat in right away, we understand the pressure and do our best to not add to it. The Christian way of life includes a work ethic that we embrace. It makes us better builders….and it just might give you a different kind of construction experience.

If you need a riding arena, shop, hay barn, garage, equipment shed or even an old barn remodeled, call Rich for an estimate and buy your next building from Blue Spruce Builders.

What our clients say…

[pullquote]Thanks for the great job. Call us this fall when you have time to do a kitchen remodel – Floyd Sams[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Dan is a nice young man, happy with the work, I will call if I have any more – Jack Sachatano[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Great crew, that Dan is a hard worker, we will call you for the next one – Darrell Alt[/pullquote]