sl_residentialDurability is a large factor when considering building. Post frame buildings are extremely durable, which explains their popularity for being used as agricultural buildings. One thing that leads to the durability of a post frame building is that the buildings lateral loads transfer directly into the ground. This makes the entire building very stable. Post frame buildings are excellent in high wind, snow, rain or seismic activity areas, because of the weight of the building being set below ground level.

The cost to build a post frame building is less expensive than other building techniques, why? The main reason is because fewer materials are traditionally required to build a post frame building over other techniques. The time it takes to construct a post frame building is much shorter than most building techniques. A post frame building can be framed in weeks, not months. This significantly cuts down on labor cost. Post frame buildings have large gaps between posts and therefore are easy to insulate. These large gaps cut down on thermal breaks which can lead to higher heating costs.

Overall post frame buildings are a great building option because of the ability to customize to any specifications. The durability of the building in high wind, snow and rain, and the low cost to build a post frame building in comparison to other building techniques.